COMPRESSOR TROUBLESHOOTING Accumulators and Suction Line Filters

Accumulators  and Suction Line Filters

Accumulators COMPRESSOR 

6. Accumulators
The Refrigeration and Cooling Systems Best Friend!!!
It is the best insurance policy you can buy to prevent any liquid refrigerant or oil from reaching
the compressor and destroying it. This is a tank that is usually mounted vertically that the
suction line runs through to catch any liquid either in the run cycle or the start up cycle.
To explain this further, there is nothing good that can come from any liquid refrigerant or large
amounts of oil that can return suddenly to the compressor. Small amounts of liquid thin the oil
and causes excessive wear from lack of lubrication. This condition is called Liquid Wash. Large
amounts returning usually on start up damages rods, valve reeds and blow head gaskets. This is
called Liquid Slug or Slugging. Even in the best designed systems, these conditions can occur at
one time or another and it only takes one occurrence to cause irreparable damage to the
All accumulators have an “In” on one of the connections. Always point this connection away
from the compressor.
Suction Line Filters

7. Suction Line Filters
This is a filter that is installed in the suction line usually after a bad burn out of the compressor
to clean dirty oil and acid stopping it from contaminating the oil in the replacement compressor.
It is, in my experience that this is the only reason to install one and it should be removed after
the system has run for a week or more. Some of these have replaceable cores. In that case any
solid cores should be replaced with felt cores to minimize any pressure drop of oil saturated and
dirty cores.
There are two things to keep in mind when adding a suction filter:
1. Anything that could reach this filter has already gone through the drier and the
TEV valve strainer. So change the drier and check the TEV strainers or risk a
pressure drop in these areas.

2. If you install this suction line filter wrong, you can cause it to become an oil trap
where large amounts of oil can suddenly return to the compressor and cause

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