Helical-Rotary Water Chillers A Trane Air Conditioning party 1

Helical-Rotary Water Chillers
A Trane Air Conditioning 
party 1

Trane Air Conditioning


The Trane Company believes that it’s incumbent on manufacturers to serve the industry by regularly disseminating information gathered through laboratory research, testing programs and field experience.

The Trane Air Conditioning Clinic series is one means of knowledge sharing.It’s intended to acquaint a nontechnical audience with various fundamental aspects of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. 
We’ve taken special care to make the clinic as uncommercial and straightforward as possible. Illustrations of Trane products only appear in cases where they help convey the message contained in the accompanying text. This particular clinic introduces the reader to the concept of helical-rotary water chillers.


Water chillers are used in a variety of air conditioning and process cooling applications. They are used to make cold water that can be transported throughout a facility using pumps and pipes. This cold water can be passed through the tubes of coils in order to cool the air in an air conditioning application or it can provide cooling for a manufacturing or industrial process
Systems that employ water chillers are commonly called chilled water systems.


There are several types of water chillers that are differentiated by the refrigeration cycle they use or the type of compressor. Absorption water chillers make use of the absorption refrigeration cycle and do not have a mechanical compressor involved in the refrigeration cycle.
Absorption water chillers are the subject of a separate clinic.


Water chillers using the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle vary by the type of compressor used. Reciprocating and scroll compressors are typically used in smaller chillers. Helical-rotary (or screw) compressors are typically used in medium-sized chillers. Centrifugal compressors are typically used in larger chillers.
As mentioned earlier, this particular clinic discusses helical-rotary water chillers

Helical-rotary water chillers can be either air-cooled or water-cooled, referring to the method of rejecting heat to the atmosphere. Both air-cooled and watercooled helical-rotary chillers are generally available from 70 to 450 tons [200 to 1500 kW].
The primary focus in Period 1 is on the water-cooled chiller, although it includes some discussion of air-cooled chiller components. A comparison of air-cooled versus water-cooled chiller applications is included in Period 5..

Helical-Rotary Water Chillers:
period one:

Many of the components of the helical-rotary water chiller are similar to those of other chiller types


This particular helical-rotary water chiller makes use of a shell-and-tube evaporator where refrigerant evaporates inside the shell and water flows inside tubes.
 The compressor is a twin-rotor, helical-rotary compressor. It uses asuction-gas-cooled motor to operate the compressor. Another shell-and-tube heat exchanger is used for the condenser, where refrigerant is condensed inside the shell and water flows inside tubes. Refrigerant is metered through the system using an electronic expansion valve. A liquid/vapor separator can be used to enhance the effectiveness of the refrigeration cycle. An oil supply
system provides near oil-free refrigerant to the shells to maximize heat transfer performance while providing lubrication and rotor sealing to the helical-rotary
compressor. A control panel is also provided on the chiller, and a starter connects the chiller motor to the electrical distribution system.

Helical Rotors


The helical-rotary chiller uses 2 screw-like rotors to perform the compression process.

The rotors are meshed and fit, with very close tolerances, within a housing.Only the male rotor is driven by the compressor motor. The lobes of the male rotor engage and drive the female rotor, causing the 2 parts to counter-rotate.

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