water-cooled condenser the chiller trane

water-cooled condenser 
the chiller trane

water-cooled condenser


Condenser trane
The high-pressure refrigerant vapor, now stripped of oil droplets, leaves the oil
separator and continues on to the condenser.
In a water-cooled condenser, water is pumped through the tubes of this shell-and-tube heat exchanger while refrigerant vapor fills the shell space surrounding the tubes. The condenser has a baffle plate that helps distribute the refrigerant evenly within the shell. As heat is transferred from hot, high- pressure refrigerant vapor to the water, refrigerant condenses on the tube surfaces. 

The condensed liquid refrigerant then collects in the bottom of the shell where the lower tubes are now submerged, resulting in further cooling, or subcooling, of the refrigerant. This arrangement is called an integral subcooler.

water flows first through the lower tubes of the condenser and then
through the upper tubes. This produces a nearly constant temperature difference between the downward moving refrigerant and the tube surfaces, resulting in a uniform heat transfer rate within the tube bundle.
Subcooled liquid refrigerant leaves the condenser (subcooler) and flows through the liquid line to the expansion device.

In a typical air-cooled condenser, propeller-type fans are used to draw outdoor air over a fin-tube heat transfer surface. The hot, high-pressure refrigerant vapor flows through the tubes as heat is transferred to the cooler outdoor air. The resulting reduction in the heat content of the refrigerant vapor causes it to condense into liquid. Within the final few lengths of condenser tubing the condensed liquid refrigerant is subcooled Again, subcooled liquid refrigerant leaves the condenser (subcooler) and flows through the liquid line to the expansion device The differences between water-cooled and air-cooled chiller applications will be discussed further in Period 5.
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  1. Air chillers are normally cheaper air cooled chillers compared to the money spent on the maintenance of water chillers.
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