Trane Horizon Absorption Series Two-Stage Steam-Fired Absorption Water Chillers, 380 to 1650 Tons parti 1

Trane Horizon Absorption Series
Two-Stage Steam-Fired Absorption
Water Chillers, 380 to 1650 Tons
parti 1

Water Chillers Absorption

Made in the USA:
Trane has been manufacturing 
absorption chillers for more than three  decades. The newest line, the Trane Horizon™ two-stage steam fired absorption water chiller is the only line  of two-stage absorption products designed, built and supported in the USA.
A Good Environmental Choice:
The Trane Horizon absorption chiller is 
a wise choice for owners concerned  about the environment. Water being  the base refrigerant means fewer  concerns about refrigerant  management and availability. Absorption technology reduces the  requirement for electric energy. The steam-fired design allows the machine  to be fueled by waste heat or available
steam. This contributes to the conservation of the world’s fuel  resources and makes economic sense.
Trane Horizon Absorption

Trane uses the highest quality   
materials available to resist corrosion and extend the chiller’s operating life. Additionally, the absorption chiller manufacturing facilities in La Crosse are ISO 9001 certified to help deliver  high quality in design, development, production and product records.
Efficient Operation:

Trane’s unique absorption Reverse   Series Cycle can be as much as 5-15 percent more efficient, at full load conditions, than other absorption cycles. In addition, the microprocessor
based control (UCP2), along with variable speed pumps, optimizes the machines performance to provide significant operating cost savings at partload operation. The Purifier™ purge, provided as standard on all Horizon absorption chillers is fully automatic and maintains efficient chiller operation. The Purifier purge removes air and other noncondensibles that have
filtered into the system. And since Purifier purge communicates with the UCP controller, the chiller controls can take appropriate action to protect the machine when air is present.

Automatic Crystallization Protection:
Crystallization is the solidifying of the 
chiller’s lithium bromide solution into salt crystals. The salt crystals, if undetected, can restrict the flow of solution and cause a chiller failure that is difficult to correct. Trane’s automatic crystallizationprotection system can sense, detect  and recover (SDR) the onset of crystallization. If the chiller’s flow pattern becomes restricted, the SDR control capability enters a recovery mode of operation, reestablishing the mode of operation, reestablishing the flow pattern, preventing crystallization.

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