Trane Horizon™ Absorption Series Two-Stage Steam-Fired Absorption Water Chillers, 380 to 1650 Tons parti 2

Trane Horizon™ Absorption Series
Two-Stage Steam-Fired Absorption
Water Chillers, 380 to 1650 Tons
parti 2

Trane Horizon™ Absorption

Increased System Efficiency:

The Horizon absorption chiller can 
optimize the total system efficiency and lower initial equipment costs. Designed around 3.6 gpm/ton cooling tower water flow, the two-stage design is lower than ARI’s 4.0 gpm/ton standard for absorption chillers. Lower gpm’s through the condenser and absorber section gives the design engineer the opportunity to downsize the cooling tower and cooling tower pumps. This means lower equipment costs and reduced chiller plant electrical usage.
Efficient Pump Drives:

In the Horizon machine, absorption 
solution flow is controlled byadjustable frequency drives on the pump motors. The drives allow the chiller to react to changing conditions up to ten times faster than other absorbers. The UCP2 control system maintains efficient pump operation during chiller start up, operation and shutdown phases. This increases unit  reliability and reduces maintenance expense. 

Designed for Easier Installation Start-up and Service:

The many user-friendly features 
designed into the Horizon absorption chiller are a collection of ideas and comments from absorption chiller owners and operators over the past 35 years. Second to reliability, ease of installation and maintenance are also important to Trane customers. All Horizon chillers ship fully assembled for fast installation. However, the new modular design allows the chiller to be disassembled at the job site for applications with limited access. To make annual tube cleaning easier and less costly, all Horizon chillers include marine-style waterboxes on the cooling water circuit. The boxes serve as a leak tight, removable cover for easy accessibility into the chiller shells.

Standard Specification:

• 1.2 COP at ARI standard rating  conditions
• Victaulic™ water connections
• Industrial-grade tubes unmatched in
the industry

— First stage generator - 409 stainless  steel

— Second stage generator - .028” wall 
95/5 CuNi

— Evaporator - .028” wall copper

— Absorber - .022” wall 95/5 CuNi

— Condenser - 0.28” wall copper

• Factory mounted and tested 
microprocessor controls

• 150 psig waterboxes marine style on
the condenser and absorber sections

• Cooling water crossover pipe factory 
installed between the absorber and condenser

• Connections and valves are provided 
as standard for lithium bromide filter

• Industrial duty factory mounted energy
valve  Optional Specification

• 150 psig raised face flanges for the
evaporator, condenser, and absorber water connections

• Dissassembled unit — providing for
easy disassembly and reassembly of major components at the jobsite.

• Lithium bromide filter

• Factory installed cold insulation

• Field installed hot insulation

• All tubes individually replaceable
• Removable absorber, evaporator and 
generator spray tree systems
• Marine style waterboxes on absorber 
and condenser allowing tube cleaning without removing water connections
• Training of owner’s operating 
• Quality post-warranty service from 
trained technicians
• Parts readily available
• Local trained service personnel that are 
backed by headquarters experts
• Customizable extended warranty plans
• Improved reliability and performance
• Factory installed and commissioned
• Proportional integral derivative (PID) 
control. Adaptive Control™ strategies for stable, efficient, reliable, and optimal chilled water temperature control
• Easy-to-use operator interface
— Two line 40 character backlit LCD
display in clear language
— English or SI units
— Standard and custom reports
— Over 200 diagnostics including time
and date stamping




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